2013 in a child sized nutshell

Wednesday, 1 January 2014 3 comments

So what happened this year in the house of Smith...oh yeah we became the house of Smith! In August we got married...great time had by all, child friendly, relaxed and a sneaky night away for mummy and daddy...oddly enough around about that time we also fell pregnant with baby number three...so that’s another big moment from 2013 – but will be a bigger deal in 2014 I’m sure.

In other news Isaac started playgroup, started talking, and got his first girlfriend. Oscar became the cutest two year old in my life and also perfected the ‘uber strop’. We spent the summer holidays camping for two weeks in Cornwall, and enjoyed frequent visits to Granny Jans to enjoy the beach. Daddy kept progressing in his job as Civil Engineer Extraordinaire and mummy managed to dodge getting a ‘real’ job for another few years by brewing a new sprog.


 So; I think I can safely say 2013 has been a year filled with playing, laughing, planning, talking, learning, hugging, kissing, sleeping, reading, counting, baking, painting, running, climbing, walking, and most of all...loving. Fingers crossed 2014 goes the same way...for me and for you! Happy New Year Everyone!


  • Coombe Mill said...

    A fun year and congratulations on the pregnancy. I wonder if you were anywhere near us in Cornwall over the summer, you certainly pocked a good summer to camp here, bring back that sunshine!

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