What did you do today?

Monday, 13 January 2014 7 comments

Daddy often comes home from work and asks “so what did you do today?”, he’s interested to hear what me and the boys have been up to, but usually I reply with a “oh y’know the usual, not much”. Daddy is away in Orkney with work just now so I thought today it would be nice to keep more of a record of what we’ve done today so he can see for himself all the things we do.

So, what did we do today?

We had breakfast together whilst reading a book (Little Red Train: Busy Day)
We got dressed and had some toast (second breakfast)
We got out the playdough and made Ice creams, eggs and snakes.
We talked to Granny Jan on the phone
We got out the paints and did some finger painting and painted on some colouring outlines
We put the washing machine on and washed up the painting stuff together
We had some snacks and watched the new Mr Tumble show
We baked some cakes and then washed up the cake stuff
We swept the floor and swapped the washing machine into the tumble dryer
We played duck duck goose round the kitchen table until Oscar got hurt
We had some lunch (picky bits)
We cleaned the kitchen and played trains
We made some fake snow and played with it for aggeesss
We played fun games with the handyman when he came to check the heating
We played with the snow some more
We tidyed up the snow
We played with the train track
We had tea (Teriyaki Salmon and udon noodles)
We ran around like mad things each holding the corner of a blanket pulling each other back and forth
We got ready for bed
We jumped on Oscars bed, then read books and went to sleep.
Mummy passed out on the sofa. We’ll do it all again tomorrow.


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