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Wednesday, 8 January 2014 6 comments

As little number three is on the way we’ve been considering things we might need, and as we all know I love shopping for baby things. One of the things I’m considering for the first time is a moses basket. You’d think choosing one would be easy as there is millions on the market... only it’s not because a) they’re all so dull and chintzy they make me fall off my chair with boredom and b) the strawey, grassy type creeps me out a little (not to mention any imports of wicker and maize grass are fumigated with liberal amounts of nasty chemicals to eliminate any lurking bugs when they enter the UK). So my search begins... to find an alternative, funky, modern, environmentally friendly and hygienic moses basket that’s as easy on the eye as it is comfortable for baby. 

Moba Moses Basket - RRP £89.99

So we’re straight out the starting blocks and rushing down the road of originality here with the modern Moba Moses Basket... no creaky dusty maize grass here, instead a soft moulded plastic ‘tub’ which is available in a wide range of funky bright and pastel colours. In my mind this would feel a bit like a giant comfy Croc shoe (and we know how folk ‘live’ in their crocs don’t we?). It’s exceptionally hygienic and hypoallergenic, with an easy wipe clean surface spills and spews can be quickly and easily mopped up with no fuss and no lingering sour milk smell coming from deep within the wicker. It has a contemporary and modern design that comes with easy to use moulded handles, although it lacks a hood which might be a little annoying for those all important daytime naps. Lightweight and easy to tote around this one would be practical and stylish and could live another life as a laundry basket when you’re done.

Not exactly a moses basket this one, but I can’t resist putting it on my love list – we LOVE Little Green Sheep and whichever moses basket we chose in the end we will more than likely have a mattress from them to put in it regardless (we already have a single sized junior mattress for our eldest that we can’t fault). The Little Green Sheep Snuzpod does three jobs and does them all really well. It’s a fabulous bedside sleeper; keeping your baby close but also allowing yourselves and them their own space, it can become a fully formed four sided high crib for the nursery, and the top portion can also be removed to give you a rocking bassinette which can be easily moved around the home. It also looks super cool and sophisticated and has great environmental and organic credentials. Can’t say fairer than that!

Mothercare Snug – RRP £99

Stepping away from my hankering for ultra cool and modern moses baskets here towards something so traditional its come full circle in the coolness stakes. The Snug is made from wicker (not the scary maise grass stuff that freaks me out), and would certainly fulfil my hidden desire to be a shabby chic home owner. It looks like the ACTUAL basket than moses floated down the Nile in and looks as safe and snug a cocoon as you could possibly want for your modern day little bundle. Little on the unwieldy side for travelling about but perfect for the home.

 The Shnuggle – RRP £75

The Schnuggle ticks some amazing boxes for me. The first major thing to’s not wicker (shock horror!); it’s actually made of a soft moulded plastic shell (HDPE) that is both hypoallergenic and hygienic – no more sick, dust and bits of yucky ‘stuff’ stuck in every nook and cranny – it can be wiped clean in a jiffy. It’s also super light weighing only 2kg itself (4kg with mattress, padding etc in it), and it’s 10% bigger in size all round so you get plenty more bang for your buck as far an longevity goes. Oh and did I mention it looks super cool too? It’s clean cut, smooth and perfectly formed, just like your newborn! It comes in a range of pastel colours to suit your taste and style and co-ordinating (if slightly dull) fabrics and padding. This one is defiantly top of my wish list.

Babycotpod Cascara - RRP £595
Last but by no means least, I am loving the awesome coolness of the Cascara Sleep pod from babycotpod. I want to lick it. It looks edible, it looks cool, calm and collected. It does not look like it lives in a home where things are frantic, hurried and covered in sick and/or poop. If I had this cot I am sure I would be the mom we all aspire to be – one from the glossy pages of a magazine with her hair brushed and her baby sleeping whilst its elder siblings play quietly together. I want to pick it up and stroke it and love it. This is the cot dreams are made of. That is what you get for £595 I am sure. Not only that – you can get a toy conversion kit – to turn it into a JUMBO JET. I just fainted a little bit. While you’re drooling make sure you also check out their Metro swinging crib too, coz that gives me the horn and all...

So there we have it, my dream low down of not too excessively priced (I couldn’t resist adding the Cascara in – sorry!), funky, modern and fabulous moses baskets  with just a little more schazam than the norm. Now where’s my credit card...

*I should probably say – no one paid me for this post, I just love researching and shopping nursery products so safe to say this is all my own work and my own selection of uber cool baskets has been made :-)


  • Emmysmummy said...

    All I have to say is.... HOW MUCH?????? WOW!!

    Lol, Both mine were in a standard Moses basket - Emmy for 4 weeks then into her own bed and Harry for 5 Months, although he slept with me more than in the basket

  • AK Templer said...

    loving your joices there although the last one reminds me of a skie bob (not sure what they actually called) you know where they race in a icy half tunnel down the mountain. We already got a Shnuggle in the spare room all set up and ready for Blob to arrived although i still havent got my hospital bag packed lol but hey blob got a place to sleep if it comes home (all naked and that probably)

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