Thankful Thursday - Princess Parties

Friday, 17 January 2014 2 comments

Isaac has a best friend (well, it tends towards girlfriend at times, there’s quite a lot of kissing and cuddling goes on), and today was her 4th birthday. We’re quite new to having ‘proper’ friends, I was a very lonely stay at home mum for a very long time, so today I could take no greater pleasure than being invited to his friends princess party. We played, we watched her open her presents and we ate yummy princess food, my boys caused mayhem wielding the new dolly pushchair like a weapon and throwing themselves off the furniture, but it was amazing. It was also very pink and very princessey, and I was glad I got to experience that, as it will hold me in good stead. With this in mind when we got home and ready for bed, Isaac made a very important announcement, which I can share with you... case you missed that, Isaac is telling you “I’m going to have a little sister!”


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