If I could have one whole day to myself...

Sunday, 16 October 2011 6 comments
I would drink a cup of tea whilst it’s hot... hmmm make that drink a cup of CAFFINATED tea whilst it’s hot.

I would eat my breakfast at my own pace, not that dictated by the daily highchair hysterics.

I would have a long hot bath whilst daddy played with Isaac (and by play I don’t mean daddy plays on the wii whilst Isaac examines the contents of the log burner).

I would sit down and look at things on the Internet without being poked with toy cars, whined at or having to get up every five seconds to have a wee.

I would eat Parma ham, pate, brie and runny fried eggs all washed down with copious amounts of wine, followed by a little vodka.

I would stay in my dressing gown all day long, and not feel like I was a bad mother when the postman knocks the door at 12pm.

I would chat on the phone for hours on end without having to say ‘ooo hang on, Isaacs got his head stuck in a colander... I’ll call you right back’ but then never getting the chance.

I would dance the night away into the wee small hours without a care or responsibility in the world, instead of sitting at home every night wondering what to watch on TV with my ear glued to the baby monitor.

If I ever DID get a whole day to myself though, I know I would miss my other half, my baby and my bump very very much... well maybe I would ...I suppose it is only a DAY after all...


  • Karin @ BritMums said...

    Loving your food choices in particular...the Pregnant Woman's Ideal Feast! ;) Careful with the vodka chaser though! Thanks so much for taking on the prompt...sounds like you have a great day in mind. We hope you get it one day soon! ;)

    Karin @ BritMums

  • Katie Vyktoriah said...

    Your day sounds amazing. Especially the food. When I was preggers I missed ALL of those. The first thing I got after having the baby was crackers with brie and pate. I also had a fried egg sandwich. Lol.

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