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Isaac LOVES trains. He loves other things too, pretty much anything with wheels, but especially trains. For Christmas he got a BigJigs play table for his large collection of Brio train set (thank goodness for ebay – the stuff costs an arm and a leg). Anyway, I was a little sceptical over this table, he seems so young – do we really need a giant table taking over half the house that he never plays with? Well how wrong was I... Isaac LOVES playing trains on his play table. He’ll usually play for an hour solid after breakfast, on and off during the day, and another hour solidly after tea before bed. He is expert at putting the track together, and even says ‘uhoh’ when a train comes off the track or gets stuck somewhere and says buhbye when he pushes one through the tunnel (he’s a boy of very few words so it’s lovely to hear him chuntering away to his trains).

Now, both me and Ben are very pleased with the success of the train track, especially as Isaac loves to play trains with us too, holding our hands and pulling us over, bringing trains to me (especially the battery powered ones that are supposed to chug themselves along – they don’t as we have a permanent battery shortage but he still tries to get me to switch them on for him). Unfortunately for Isaac he is usually disappointed by my playing as I apparently have very poor track building ability. Luckily Ben truly excels at building the track. Isaac loves daddy’s tracks – they have bridges and tunnels and sidings and crossings and everything is involved and it’s all singing all dancing – I struggle with a simple figure of eight.  I thought I’d share some of our tracks with you, so if you are as spatially inept at track building as me, you can cheat and copy Bens... actually I wouldn’t say cheat, I’d say intelligently allow someone else to do all the hard work and then make use of their ideas in a constructive caring and sharing way... right?!


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