Strider Bike woooo

Friday, 23 March 2012 0 comments
Isaac got a fair few presents for Christmas, with not too much spare money to splash about at the moment I thought long and hard about what to spend both ours and Isaac and Oscars grandparents money on. Oscar got some 'token' presents wrapped up (Isaacs old baby toys!) and Isaac got a play table for his train set and a Strider Bike. Now I know what you're thinking - he's waaayy to small for a bike, and well, at Christmas he was (his legs didn't reach the floor) but he LOVES anything with wheels and I thought at some point during this year he will grow into it.

In case you're unsure a strider bike is also known as a balance bike, a pedal-less bike or toddler bike. Apparently a Strider Bike can last from the time your child can walk (Isaac would have been far to small when he was 9 months though) to about 5 years. It's super lightweight, ergonomically designed to be intuative for a little toddler to use and has forever air tyres that never go flat or need pumping up. I got Isaacs Strider Bike from Learning Early, customer service was fabby and the bike arrived at the time stated the very next day (ohhh the temptation of getting it out for a play before Christmas was so strong!). Anyway, I have a full review planned for when Isaacs had a little more time to abuse it, but here's his first go on it from a few weeks ago (he does also have a helmet but we thought he'd be okay with me supporting him down the hall without it, as he spends the whole time trying to get it off his head if you put it on). The seat was still a bit to high for him even on the lowest setting but after this Karen from Learning Early suggested removing it completley to let him just run along with it - and this has worked an absolute treat. Make sure you have the volume turned up so you can hear him do the bell at the end!


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