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Thursday, 15 March 2012 2 comments
I get a fair few blog post requests popping into my inbox from various companies. As well as chatting about my day-to-day life I don’t mind reviewing products if they fit into our lifestyle or interest me. I’ll usually do two types of review – a company sends me their product, I’ll use it and abuse it, and then give you my honest opinion. Or I own something and I like/dislike it to such an extent that I feel the urge to write about it. Sometimes I get requests from companies or their PRs wanting ‘something for nothing’. These are almost always cringeworthy, badly worded and the people sending them obviously have no idea what my blog is about – they usually send through some blurb on their product and request links to various places and that I include certain things. These usually head straight for the ‘Junk’ folder.  Anyway, as you know as well as my blog I also do some bits and bobs for Pushchair Trader, so last week when some information and a request for a blog post came in from the luxury pushchair brand Joolz, I was a little confused as to how they had gotten hold of me – was it for Pushchair Trader or me?! Anyway, I read the polite, nicely written email (which was addressed to me by name – always a good start!), and as I was already in the middle of writing something up for Pushchair Trader on the subject I thought it wouldn’t be such a hardship just this once to share Joolz exciting news with you on my own blog, seeing as I’m a self-confessed pramoholic and all!

I LOVE pushchairs, not just in a “oooo aint it pretty” way.. but in an obsessive “how wide is it, how much does it weight, how does it fold, what are the wheels made of, whats the handle height...etc...etc...”. I have a mental ranking system and I have to say the Joolz Day pushchair is already on my Pushchair Bucket List...and upon reading the content of the email the Joolz moved up a few notches on my ultimate wish list – and here’s why.

For starters I think Joolz are a great brand, they’re fun and stylish and as a relatively young brand founded in that hotbed of pushchair development - Holland. They are well informed about what parents want and need, and have in my opinion, achieved a great balance between form and function. The Joolz Day both looks good, and performs well in terms of features and specification. Only now, with the release of two new editions – the ‘Earth’ and the ‘Expedition’ models, they don’t just look good, they look GREAT. These two beauties are right up my street in terms of colour and style, I live in the countryside and they both have a fabulous almost rustic camouflaged look to them, they look like they’d be right at home ambling along the shady country lanes around my home.

The Earth features all the standard features of the Day but just looks so much more ...yum. The blurb about the Earth harps on about it being ‘born to be natural’ and there’s a bit of a song and a dance about how Joolz feel that the Earth is at one with nature. Although I am often scornful of this kind of talk – I can, on this occasion see where they are coming from.  I want to grab a hold of it and love it, I want to take it outside and stroke it and pet it and put little baby Oscar in it and get him some fresh air. It’s uncomplicated and its simple clean lines and earthy tones really do look as if they are inspired by nature. It comes in two colours Monkey Maroon and Elephant grey, both are lovely – subtle but unusual. It also features a leatherette handle and bumper bar giving it a very expensive and unique look.

So, we have established that I like the Earth edition, well, now then, if I like that, I LOVE the Expedition, I want it. I want it baaaddd. I want to take it out and go on adventures, I want to negotiate the entire world with it - from urban jungles to farmers fields. It comes in beautiful colours and has some fab extras that differentiate it from the other Joolz models – a strap on the hood to gives you the ability to stash many toys to keep wee one entertained on the long dusty roads of the savannah, and it also has a useful bag to store your... ummmm ... giraffe food! The hood also had a super shiny ventilation panel built in – perfect when your little one needs to feel the benefit of some air conditioning (although as I live in Scotland I think I’d personally find window wipers a more useful addition!). I am an absolute sucker for unusual chassis colours, I love a black chassis (although they’re a little too common these days!) and I REALLY love the red chassis of the Jane Trider... but most of all, I love the colour of the Expedition chassis, it’s a kind of subtle grey, it makes me want to run my hands up and down it in a slightly weird way. In a similar way to the Earth edition, it also features a black snake leatherette handle and bumper bar...mmmm sexy.
So, there we have it, an unabashed declaration of love for Joolz and their new pushchairs. This is why I try not to post to much about pushchairs on here, because I can go on and on about them and never stop.
Apparently the Joolz pushchairs will be with retailers at the end of April, the Earth edition comes with a chassis, seat, carrycot, changing bag, raincover and cup holder as standard for a healthy RRP of £779. You can also buy a matching footmuff if you fancied it.

The Expedition comes just the same only the footmuff is also included (woohoo) for £849.

 All they have to do now is make me an equally gorgeous double and all I have to do is win the lottery!

Expedition - Forward Facing Seat
Expedition - Carrycot Mode


  • Mummy Always Knows Best said...

    We have a Joolz and love it. But you're making me want the Expedition now. Thanks for that. Not. ;-)

    There was a release of a double Joolz. I can't remember it's name and they haven't advertised it yet but basically the basket was massive and that could be removed and a second seat be put there. Unless it was a massive April Fool's hoax as I cannot find any info now...

    Off to polish my Joolz now.

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