La chaise bébé s'il vous plaît?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 0 comments
Just back from 2 weeks in fun filled France, and have to say it was an eye-opener for me... I sometimes think how poorly catered for we are in the UK with regards to baby facilities... no longer shall I deride them - compared to France we seem to be amazingly accommodating!

I'm 7 months pregnant now, and if I'm honest I could do without changing a wriggling 10 month old on the floor of a rather smelly public toilet, but it seems that that was the height of baby changing facilities in France (maybe I was just unlucky?!). There was a baby changing area at the zoo we went to... essentially a bus shelter with a shelf in it... nice and open to the elements... and casual observers!

Anyway, given the sparsity of baby facilities we were very pleased we took our 'Totseat' with us ( I lost count of the number of times a request for a highchair was met with 'non' and even if they did have one it usually looked about 40 years old and a complete deathtrap! So I can honestly say THANK GOODNESS for the totseat! I'd only used it once or twice in the UK before we left for France (though we did buy it specifically for travelling) and I wasn't really that impressed as Isaac seemed uncomfortable in it and I seemed to spend longer faffing about with buttons and straps than I did feeding him. Out of necessity we used it LOTS in France, and as we got used to the various adjustments that need to be made to it fit on different chairs (thank goodness you can fit it on lots of different chairs!) it got easier and easier to use. Isaac got used to it quickly and enjoyed sitting on a chair next to us and didn't try to dive off every few minutes which I thought he might. Now we are back all I need to do is bung it in the washing machine and stash it in the changing bag... won't be leaving home without it from now on.


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