My Very First Post!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 1 comments
This is my very first post as a 'Blogger'... since I first set this blog up (and then never wrote anything in it for ages!) I've had some changes come about... but one thing's for sure ... my bump has got waaaayyy bigger... my due date for baby number two is 11/11/11 and it's approaching at high speed.

I'm hoping to use this blog to keep a record of the things I got up to when I spent all my time at home with a baby and pregnant... I also hope to review some of the products I use and abuse on a daily basis so other new mummies and daddies can see what I think.

There's one thing you should know... I'm completely pushchair obsessed, so expect lot's of chatter about that!

Just so you know the gang... there's Me, Baby Isaac, my partner Ben and Bump Number Two!


  • Nev said...

    Helloooo :)

    Mummy blogging is the best! :) Finding the time for it is hard but it does work, somehow.

    Btw...I love pushchairs so will be here reading. ;)


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