The Walk of Shame...

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When I was at university (in the dim and distant past) the phrase ‘walk of shame’ was used to identify someone who had woken up the morning after a ‘heavy’ night out on the tiles in somewhere other than their own bed... This person would then have to dress in what was usually completely impractical going out clothes from the night before in order to walk home through the town... hence, the walk of shame. These days ‘walk of shame’ has a whole new meaning to me and that is thanks to one of our regular baby activities... Mini Music Makers!

Mini Music Makers is a lovely group activity for young children and babies run by the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Now, our group is run by a nice lady for who the crime of lateness frowned upon and although I try very hard to get out of the house on time for some reason when it comes to Mini Music Makers I’m often late. Being late to mini music makers involves a long walk of shame across the room whilst desperately trying to avoid eye contact with everyone, lest comment be made on your tardiness.

The point of this post (and yes, there is one) is to tell you a bit about Mini Music Makers. This is the one and only group Isaac and I go to that we pay for, I like to fill my week with as many activities to get us out the house as possible, as such many of these need to be free otherwise I’d be stone broke. Isaac and I started mini music makers in the 0 – 12 months class when he was just a few months old, and we’ve been back each term since then. The cost is currently £35 for the term, which includes 7 sessions of 40 minute duration. It’s well worth the £5 each session costs (especially as there is the gorgeous Green Apple cafe next to the one we attend at the Lamancha Hub!).

Isaac working on his percusion skills!

Essentially mini music makers is another way of causing public humiliation to a group of adults who have been brought together by the single thing they have in common... their children. I have to say though that the children seem to love it! There’s lots of singing with actions, use of fabrics, ribbons, puppets and shakers. The songs are varied both in content and vocal range (I have to say I find the tune of ‘baa baa black sheep’ a little taxing on the voice so being led through an operatic version of “Viva la compagnie” in front of strangers can be a little tough going at times!). Mini music makers is great for adding to your song repertoire though... we have such gems as “Mnn Mnn said the little green frog one day” and “Pop a little pancake into the pan” both of which are lifesavers for quietening down a bored baby on long car journeys! I think we must have sang them over a hundred times on the long drive to and from France this year!

Anyway, thoroughly recommend it not least as a way of meeting and greeting other parents and children in the local area... but for losing some of your social inhibitions...

 Mini Music Makers:


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