Listen Very Carefully...

Friday, 23 September 2011 5 comments
...I shall say this only once!

Well ok, it’s so exciting I’ll more than likely tell you again whether you want me to or not! Some of you may know me as a mild mannered law abiding citizen (well, I’m a citizen anyway!) but little do you know I am actually a secret agent and have recently been involved in a top secret mission. I know, I know - all the signs were there right? The late nights? The mysterious bump under my coat? The frequent trips to the ‘toilet’? What can I say; they were all part of my disguise (well, either that or I’m an exhausted, pregnant mother of one... you decide).

So... what’s all this nonsense actually about you may ask? If you sneak a peek here you should see what all the fuss is about. Pushchair Trader ( is a great place to buy, sell and win used and new pushchairs, prams, buggies, spares and accessories. It also has a news section for the latest pushchair gossip and along with a comprehensive range of technical in house pushchair reviews it has ‘real mum’ road tests that give an honest view about the pushchair, pram or buggy in which you may be interested (I am lucky enough to be testing the TFK Joggster Twist for them at the moment – so keep an eye out for that too).

I’ve been following Pushchair Trader through their website, Facebook and Twitter for a few months now, and they and their fans have come to feel like part of an extended family. Pushchair Trader are very publically driven, providing a great forum for help, advice, support and general banter, they also have fab competitions to both win goodies and to ‘get involved’ just like the one to become a ‘secret agent’. In this competition fans were asked to submit an email stating ‘why they’d make a good secret agent’, a little cryptic but as I sometimes find the joy of being a full time mum a little mind-numbing I thought I’d give it a go!

Thankfully it wasn’t too long before I passed the demanding physical testing phase (involving extended use of the finger muscles during lengthy Facebook sessions) and my new status was confirmed as a ‘secret agent’. Our mission details involved me, along with about 130 others having a sneak peek at the latest enterprise from the Pushchair Trader Team... a pushchair accessory shop! Questionnaires were provided, and, as you can imagine I had lots of fun trying out various bits of the shop, to answer questions on both the aesthetics and the functionality (ok ok, so actually I just pretended like I had a million pounds to spend and went crazy hypothetically buying things...). There are some fab products to be found in the shop and I love the fact that some of these things were previously hard to source, or were items commonly asked after on the Pushchair Trader Facebook page... obviously the bigwigs at Pushchair Trader had been listening!

Anyway, thanks to all the hard work of the Pushchair Trader Team, and the secret agents (it was often a life or death situation) the shop recently went ‘live’ and now it’s just my credit card that has to live dangerously!

I’m still technically a secret agent, so I’m keeping the wig and the fake moustache at the ready in case of further missions (what’s that you say.... “You thought I had a great moustache anyway?” hohoho how very funny).

So, all in all I reckon that as the pushchair is the most expensive and important item that you can go wrong on when buying for a new baby, please take my advice... first - check out Pushchair Trader for news and reviews, second - see if there’s anything good in their advertisement section and thirdly - don’t forget to pimp your new purchase with the gorgeous items in the Pushchair Trader Shop! It’s as easy as errrrr 1, 2, 3!


  • Nev said...

    Hello fellow Secret Agent! ;) Yes, I am one too, I just haven't got the time to write a post about it *le.sigh* But I will. One day.


  • Older Mum said...

    Buying a new pushchair is a bit of a mine field. We ended up buying the mountain but as of yet have not been up any mountains or sizeable hills for that matter.

  • bump babbler said...

    Hello! I'm a new blogger too, also pregnant so I'm with you on the secret trips to the loo in the middle of the night! Off to check out pushchair trader now!

  • Misha said...

    It sounds great! Being a secret agent sounds much more exciting than my life! Oh well... off to do load of laundry #3,294,394 for the day :)

  • Love in the Nest said...

    Ah that sounds interesting! I found buying pushchairs a total nightmare, I have ended up buying far too many in my hunt for the perfect one, I must admit I'm not convinced there is a perfect pushchair, well not if you are after a double anyway! :)

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