EYFS ECE Bubble Wrap Painting

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 0 comments

We’ve been having some good fun with paints recently, and this seemed like a nice easy way to have fun with some left over packaging and the paints that was just a bit different from the usual paint splodging.

What you need:
Bubble wrap

What to do:

I taped large sheet of bubble wrap on to the table (to hold it steady), then let the kids loose with the paints.
Blob on dollops of paint and let the kids use their fingers to smooch the paint around the bubbles, surprisingly fun and therapeutic; they really enjoyed chasing the paint around the bubbles until the colours started to merge.

Once you’ve tired of the fun of moving the paint around, you can lay sheets of paper over the bubbles wrap, smooth it out and then peel it off to reveal an interesting dotty picture. This was also well enjoyed.

Outcomes and experiences
This exercise is just plain old messy fun. It’s got some sensory aspects and fine motor skills required for pushing the paint around the bubbles. With different colours of paint you can talk about colours and colour mixing. When pressing on the paper you need to be careful not to press to hard and gentle peeling off is required.

Further developments
By using different coloured papers and paints you can make some great backgrounds for pictures, or an interesting base for a display table. 


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