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Saturday, 1 March 2014 1 comments
You all know by now how much I love a bit of research, and usually I have an idea in mind of what I want. One thing I have no idea about is Babywearing bags. So let’s start at the beginning – a baby wearing bag is a bag you can carry whilst also wearing your baby in a sling or carrier (NOT a bag for putting your baby in whilst you wear it!). If you have a baby you’ll know you also have a shed load of stuff that you need to tote round with it everywhere you go, every eventuality from nappy changes to nap time blankies needs to be taken along with you. 

When using a pushchair, you fill up your changing bag and then sling it over your shoulder or over the pram handle while you push the pram along. When you’re wearing your baby in a sling you don’t have this luxury, you also need a bag that adapts to the carry that you’re doing – a rucksack would work great when your baby is on your front, but not so good when baby is on your back. Why do I want one? I’m going to be carrying number three pretty much exclusively all being well, with two toddlers to keep hands held already I won’t have a spare hand to push a buggy, and we’re hoping to use an extended rear facing car seat, which will be permanently fixed in the car, so no toting a baby about in an infant carrier either. 

Historically speciality baby wearing bags have been created from the wraps that you use to carry the baby in. They have a satchel like appearance with two separate long straps – one coming from either side, these two straps can be tied together to give you a variety of wearing options depending on what way you are carrying your baby. I’ll pop up a separate post about these bags as they’re to varied and interesting to cover here. 

The BabyMule Classic
Another option is to buy a changing bag that could also function as a babywearing bag because of its design – some of the larger manufacturers make changing bags that can be used as either backpacks (for when baby is on your front) or as a messenger bag (when baby is on your back). After a quick bit of internet research I’ve narrowed it down to two top picks...

The BabyMule Classic, a bag dreamed up by now mum of three Claire Fuller in 2009, she wanted a bag that combined the practicality of a shoulder bag, the ease of carrying of a back pack, and a stylish design that appeals to mums and dads. Available in a range of colours and with optional extras available separately this bag oozes practicality, and doesn’t compromise of fun styling. I really like this one as it seems like comfort has been taken into account as well as practicality, I get a ‘real mum’ vibe from it.
Pacapod Hastings
The brand spanking new Pacapod Hastings is another one high on my wish list. I’m a bit of a fan of PacaPod anyway, and would have loved one of their traditional style bags with my previous children instead of the standard one that came with my pushchair. The Hastings is a smart and sophisticated looking bag, with a demure pinstripe design that’s restrained enough to be worn by daddy, yet stylish enough to get me excited too. The strap design means you can easily swap between shoulder and backpack whilst ‘on the go’. What really attracts me to PacaPod is their unique pod system, changing stuff and feeding stuff are kept separate within the outer bag, making for a neat and manageable bag...not a cavernous waste filled with sticky trucks and mouldy bananas. Another big bonus with this one is it's uber lightweight - perfect for when you're already toteing your hefty toddler around on your back!

Now, where did I leave that money tree again...


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