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Friday, 5 April 2013 0 comments
Discount Code for www.welovefrugi.comWell here we are, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged I’ll admit. I’m awfy busy these days, writing, reviewing and looking after two little boys is tiring stuff. One thing I have been doing though is spreading some love for Frugi Organic Clothing, with the help of a handy Frugi Discount Code in my new role as a Frugi Ambassador. Now, if you’re anything like my mum (for example), you’ll have no idea what Frugi is. So I’ll tell you. Ina nutshell, Frugi are a Cornish company that design and sell the most delightful organic clothing for children, and maternity/breastfeeding wear for mums (they also have a few more VERY exciting developments in the pipeline for the future but alas, I’m not allowed to spill the beans just yet!). They also have their own range of TotsBots reusable nappies, in their own bespoke colourways – which are yummy scrummy too.

In my role as a Frugi ambassador I get to spread the Frugi love, and in this case it is a very easy task. I don’t normally go in for these enforced shameless sell your soul to the devil “I LOVE my new poop-a-scoop I’ve been sent for free to review, its sooooo sexy” type posts. If I like something I’ll tell you about it, and if I don’t I’ll be sure to let you know that too. Luckily for Frugi – I (and my kids) LOVE their stuff so am happy to shout about it till the proverbial cows come home. Moooo. See?

Oscar sporting his Frugi top! We have a couple of bits of Frugi organic clothing knocking about, and they are awesome, our very favourite things. I am an absolute sucker for ‘designer’ styling, and Frugi really have a very identifiable style that me and my outdoorsy rough and tumble boys really suit. Sadly my budget only usually stretches to high street stores at the most (usually we’re shopping supermarkets, second hand facebook groups and ebay if I’m honest, especially if I want organic), but Frugi has taught me a VERY important lesson. With two boys to clothe shopping in this way is a false economy. Buying cheap second hand boys clothes and expecting them to last well for two more uses just doesn’t work. You need to buy quality. And I’ll tell you this much for free, if it’s quality you’re after you need to buy Frugi. 

 Oscar loves his Frugi Tractor appliqué top, Isaac is all about the trains, he’s train obsessed but Oscar on the other hand is more of a digger/tractor boy, and this top suits him down to the ground. As I already harped on about, it’s fabulous quality – we all know what a fan of the tumble dryer I am and it’s safe to say this top has been abused by both Oscar (outside in the mud) and mummy (with some heavy duty washing and drying) and it’s lived to tell the tale, and it’s lived well. 

Frugi Cropped Pull Ups
 Isaac is loving his Frugi Cropped Pull Ups, uber comfoy and stretchy for energetic play and climbing these are a great length for hanging out. We love them for warm wet days outside (they don’t drag in the puddles or get ruffled around ankles in wellies). Mummy LOVES these because the fit over cloth nappies!!! All Frugi clothing is ‘cut for cloth’ (this is really why the brand began) and this makes mummy VERY happy lady. Re-usable nappies these days arn’t too bulky anyway, but just that extra bit of botty space makes for a super comfy fit and a smart look. 

 So, are you persuaded yet? If not I can tempt you futher I am sure...want to know a little secret? In my role as a Frugi Ambassador I have a Frugi discount code for you to use on www.welovefrugi.com. You can use it too. My Frugi discount code is “Holly” and it’ll get you 15% off all non sale items and free P&P. Just pop it in at the checkout and bobs your uncle, use it any time between now and the end of 2013. You lucky thing.  So now you can get great quality and a bargain to boot. Can’t say fairer than that!


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