Stimulating Simultaneous Snoozing

Monday, 2 January 2012 0 comments
I have two children now.  It's come as a bit of a shock. Isaac’s 14 months now and we have a lovely routine. I love routine, I used to have a horse, you learn with a horse – routine is king, want an easy life and a happy hoss? Get a routine. I was pleased to find this worked with babies too. Oscars 8 weeks now and up until very recently he’s done exactly what he wants when he wants. But I’m working hard to gain the upper hand. I know from last time Isaac wasn’t a ‘good baby’ to start with... Isaac became a good baby when I ‘manned up’ and realised that I’m the mommy, and until he knows better, what mommy says - goes. So, from the age of about 3 months Isaac had a routine... I forced him into it, he hated doing it. I hated doing it. But we did it, and by the time Isaac was 4 months old he had become sweetness and light and slept 12hours a night without fail, and we both lived happily ever after. Until Oscar came along that is. Oscar messed up our routine. Oscar didn’t play ball (literally, no matter how many times Isaac has bashed him on the head with one), and Isaac and I didn’t like it, we we’re ‘put out’. So, we’ve started doing something about it... we’re getting Oscar into a routine... a key part of this routine is getting the nap situation sorted out. If we’re at home Isaac naps in an afternoon without fail. Usually after his lunch (taken between 12 and 12.30pm, he goes  up to his room, I put him in his cot and he goes to sleep for between 1 and 2 hours (depending on what time he got up and what he’s done in the morning). Now, a couple of times I’ve fluked Oscars nap to coincide with Isaacs – and it was AMAZING! I had no children annoying me for about an hour! Can you imagine – a WHOLE hour to myself – I didn’t know what to do with my time, I felt lost, well until I sat down with a HOT cup of tea and a bit of chocolate that is. Now I’ve had a taste of a child free afternoon hour I want more. I’m going to get this sorted. I’m going to fix it so I can feed Isaac his lunch without Oscar screaming blue murder, and I’m going to get that hour of freedom in an afternoon even if it kills me (and believe me – it may just do that).

Right, so, here’s the plan (for your info - Isaac is 14 months and Oscar is 8 weeks):
6.40am - Daddy goes work

7am – Oscar Milk and back down for a nap
7.45am – Isaac up, dressed and breakfast (he often wakes earlier but luckily I cultivated a ‘wait for mommy’ mentality so he’ll chat happily in his bed till I get him)

8.30am – Isaac play and Oscar play/nap/cuddle mummy
10.30am – Isaac snack

11am – Oscar Milk
12pm – Isaac’s lunch and While Oscar naps

12.30pm – Isaac naps
2.30pm – Isaac up (if he’s not already) and snack

3pm - Oscar Milk
4.30pm – Go get daddy from work

6.00pm – Isaacs Tea
7.00pm - Oscar Milk and Bed

7.30pm Isaac Milk and Bed
8.00pm – Collapse on the sofa

11.00pm – Oscar milk and collapse in bed

 So – hands up if you think this will be a success – I need it to be, I’m gonna go crazy otherwise. When things are getting on top of me I just have to chant my inner mantra - I AM THE MOMMY I AM THE MOMMY I AM THE MOMMY... aren't I?!


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