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Thursday, 5 January 2012 5 comments

Okay, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a review (well one for my own blog anyway) and what better way to start the New Year than with a review of something I really LOVE (prepare yourself for some gushing).  As you may be aware I had a new baby recently, Oscar is about eight weeks old now and is growing at a rate of knots. This time last year I had a new baby too, Isaac was born in October 2010, and shortly after we had one of the coldest, snowiest winters seen for many years in the Scottish Borders and I was forever chucking blankets and snow suits on him, then having to strip him down when I got in the car so he didn’t overheat, before trying to dress him back up again when we got to our destination. Quite frankly it was a nightmare and we spent way more time getting ready and faffing about with clothes and blankets than we did actually out anywhere. So, this year, with Oscar due in November I thought I’d give something else a try, and when I spotted the Ruby and GINGER Cosy Car Seat cover I fell in love and knew I HAD to have it. After failing to win one in several competitions I entered I bit the bullet and purchased one myself and boyohboy am I glad I did!

The cover comes in a range of colours and patterns of fabric, all of which are unusual and lovely. I’m a big fan of gorgeous things (who isn’t?!) and I really love the fabrics used for all Ruby and GINGER's products. My personal favourite is ‘wallpaper’ but as I have a bright red pushchair, and wanted to use my car seat on the pushchair occasionally I opted for the ‘Berries’ because I thought it would ‘go’ better. I’m pleased to say it looks even better in real life than it does on the website. When it first came I was impressed at the thickness of it – I’m obsessed with tog ratings (comes from living in a draughty old cottage that costs the earth to heat) unusually for something other than a sleeping bag Ruby and GINGER give a tog rating for the cover of 3+, which is perfect and gives a great indication of how warm baby will be. The elastic is nice and tight so it stays on even in gale force winds (and believe me I’ve tried it!) and the peephole window is perfect (it’s great to be able to shut it over as you nip out of the car into the house if it’s raining, no cold rain drops falling on a sleeping babies face! I’ve had nothing but compliments from other people about it, it’s easy to put on (even Isaac can help me stretch it over the car seat) and it leaves the handle of the car seat completely free. I have used it with a blanket underneath in really cold weather to stop stray draughts, and because it’s not over tight I’m sure there will be plenty of room for a larger baby to kick their feet around without kicking it off, though I have yet to try this. It’s machine washable which ticks a big box for me (I have washed it and it didn’t shrink or fade) and it also comes in a handy carry bag (which is so nice I’ve used it as a tote style handbag a couple of times when I’ve had to go somewhere without my changing bag – I have two babies and only one changing bag!).

Customer service at ruby and GINGER is also great but as the product is such great quality I’ve not had the need to seriously question anything,  I do know they have a great website, a lovely friendly Facebook community and I would recommend following their Twitter feed.  I’m trying to think of something you might not like about it but I honestly can’t think of anything. I really love this and out of all the things I’ve had to review recently this one has really stuck with me. I like it lots and wish I had it last year for Isaac, so, please don’t delay if you’re considering purchasing this! Oh and don’t forget to check out their other stuff... great ideas, a range of prices and lovely fabrics... all perfect as little treats for yourself or lovely gifts for mums to be!


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