Pay Attention Mummy!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 1 comments
Today (as you may well be aware) is Tuesday and last Friday night I found some spots on Isaac’s feet and hands. I didn’t really think much of it, he sometimes get spots, bites or rashes and they usually clear up in a few days without causing him any hassle (I know I already sound like the BEST mommy don’t I?  Not). Anyway, Friday was also Isaac’s first birthday and we’d had a little party with some of his chums at a local soft play centre, lots of fun was had by all, even when the bigger kids raided the little kids section (you gotta love half term).

Over the weekend Isaac got more spots, all over his face, arms and legs, but he didn’t seem that bothered, he wasn’t ill, no temperature that the completely irrational digital thermometer could detect so I still wasn’t worried. On Sunday night Isaac’s Daddy said he thought I should take Isaac to the doctors, which in itself is unusual as although as parents we both attend the school of “Bah... he’ll be fiiinneeee”, daddy comes top of the class.  So, today is Tuesday and I’ve just been to the first available appointment at the doctors, (well Isaac has but obviously he can’t take himself so we went together), and it turns out he has Chicken Pox. Hmmmm now I feel guilty; think I might have to enrol at a new school – “how to be a better mom”. I thought chicken pox made you really very sick, could it be that Isaac has been very sick and I just didn’t notice... I’m starting to doubt my mummy abilities... surely I would have noticed if he had chicken pox? Wouldn’t I? Obviously not.

As if I didn’t feel bad enough, I’m over 8 months pregnant now so as the doctor said I “should be on high alert for this kind of thing” should I? hmmm I’m obviously failing in the ‘high alert’ department as well. Honestly, these days I’m never on high anything, I’m just trying to survive each day one at a time. Luckily when I had my bloods done early on in pregnancy they confirmed I’d already had chicken pox and so should be immune now. All I got to do now is keep my fingers (and legs!) crossed and hope that all Isaacs spots clear up before the new baby arrives... oh, and I should probably tell the other mummies that were at Isaacs birthday party to watch out for spots... especially the one who is getting married on Saturday... I don’t think Chicken Pox all over her gorgeous daughter would make for good wedding photos ...


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